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Visual Since 1975

Heffington Optical has been filling eyeglass prescriptions for years. C-BOB has seen many changes occur as computers first came into our industry with key punch and ten key calculators. Manual typewriters advanced to e-mail and spell check. The formulary today has put a new face on all aspects of business.

Heffington Optical continues to be the industry leader. Heffington Optical is the first optical laboratory in the world to adapt the new processing of C-Sharp lenses to laboratory production.Now everyday eyewear is affordable at OPTILAND and the SPEC SHOP with state of the art C-SHARP lenses. Innovative and captivating as the first electronic transfer of orders in the optical industry, which was done right here in Springfield, right the first time by C-BOB. Heffington Optical, the Eyeglass Factory*, once again leads the nation in laboratory lens processing.